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How to make fried hake fish fillets

This is how you fry frozen or fresh hake fillets. We will use eggs, flour and bread crumbs to create tasty golden brown crust.

  Author: Biel | 8th January 2013 | Difficulty : 3 / 5 |  
Egg ( 1 piece )
Salt ( 5 pinch )
Flour ( 30 g )
Oil ( 2 dl )
Lemon ( 1 piece )
Bread crumbs
Bread crumbs ( 150 g )
Hake fillet
Hake fillet ( 400 g )
  Persons : 3 | Preparing: 13 min | Making: 6 min | Cleaning: 2 min

Break an egg into a bowl.


Break and add another egg then add a few pinches of salt.


Mix the eggs with a wire whisk.

─îIf you don't have a wire whisk you can use a fork.

Whisk until the mixture turns all yellow.


On a shallow plate pour some all purpose flour, enough to cover the plate.


On the other plate add bread crumbs.

You can buy the already made bread crumbs or you can dry old bread pieces that are too hard to be eaten and grind them into crumbs.


Put the plates into the same order as I did.

Flour, eggs, breadcrumbs.


Take the hake fillet and put into the flour plate. Dredge the fillet with flour on both sides and shake it to get rid of the excess.

If you are using frozen hake fillets, let them melt in the room temperature, to speed up the melting process you can put them into a warm water for a couple of minutes. Then use a paper cloth to suck the water out of them when they are melted. They should be dry.


Dunk both sides of the fish into the eggs mixture.

Put it out and let the eggs drain off a bit so you won't make too big of a mass ...


... then dredge it with breadcrumbs, both sides as well.


Repeat the process for the rest of the fillets.


Pour about 0,6 inches (1.5 cm) of oil into the frying pan.

Wait for the oil to heat up. But don't wait too long, the oil should be hot, but it shouldn't start to smoke before adding the fish.


If you are not quite sure if the oil is hot enough, you can dunk a small piece of a fillet into it, and if the oil starts to sizzle it's ready.

Add the hake fillets into the hot oil frying pan.

Make sure there is a bit of space between the fillets. Better cook them in two or more rounds instead of trying to squish them in all at once.


Slightly and carefully shake the frying pan to prevent the sticking to the pan's bottom. You can also use the fork.

During the frying prepare a big plate and put a paper towel over it.

This is how we are going to get rid of the excessive oil/fat when taking the fish out of the pan.


When the bottom side of the hake fillet is ready we should start to see the golden brown edges forming.

Use the fork or spatula to turn the fillets over to the other side.


When the both sides are done, use a fork or spatula to take them out, let the oil run of a little ...

When the fried fillets are ready, they get this delicious looking golden-brown color, as you can notice on the picture.


... and put them into the paper towel covered plate.


Again use the paper towel to absorb the oil/fat from the top of the  fish fillets as well.


Add  two pieces of lemon for the taste and serve or eat the fried hake fish fillets with pride.


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  How to make fried hake fish fillets
Seafood | 8th January 2013 | Author: Biel
This is how you fry frozen or fresh hake fillets. We will use eggs, flour and bread crumbs to create tasty golden brown crust.
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weedywoman, 9th Jan 2013, 4:42 AM
Thank you. My mom has always prepared this and I have never tried. I love it with bread and have always ordered it in restaurants.
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