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How well do you know mankind's achivments in space?

Put your space and general knowledge to a test by answering some questions covering the achievements of mankind in our galaxy and beyond. A simple and intuitive way to build up your knowledge profile.

  Author: JessicaLange | 29th November 2012 |  

In 1969 first man stepped on the surface of the moon. Who was this man?



The first man in space was sent there in a capsule which didn't have any windows. Who was he?



On Oktober 4, 1957 Russia launched the very first human made satellite into space with the weight of 84 kilograms (185 pounds) and 58 centimeters (22,8 inches) diameter. What was the satellite called?



What is the name of the spacecraft which in 1976 successfully landed on Mars and took the first ever color photo of the Red Planet's surface?



The Voyager 1 spacecraft will enter the interstellar space in a few years. For how long has it been traveling so far?



The Hubble telescope has only recently took an image of the farthest, deepest space mankind has ever seen. How far did the Hubble reach to create such image?



If you happen to have $200,000 to spend you will be able to attend the first ever passenger flight to the edge of the space. What is the name of the company that plans on breaking the grounds of space tourism in 2013?



What is the name of the space station where almost all the bigger countries are taking part at and it needs about 92 minutes to orbit the Earth at the height of 224 miles (360 km)?


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