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Make a night vision photo effect with Photoshop

A really easy Adobe Photoshop tutorial where you will make a pretty cool night vision effect on a random photo.

  Author: NikMan | Version: CS6 | 12th November 2012 |  

Open a random photo.


First we will add a know green night vision colour, of course with a help of an adjutment layer.

Click on LayerNew Adjustment Layer and select Hue/Saturation...

When a new window will appear, just confirm the new layer adjustment layer with a click on button OK.

In a Hue/Saturation window first select Colorize and then pretty much the same settings like I did.


Now we will add a pattern to improve the photo effect.

Click on LayerNew Fill Layer and select Pattern Fill...

When a new window will appear, just confirm the new layer adjustment layer with a click on button OK.

Then click on a drop down selection, then options (check out the pic) and select Greyscale paper.

When Photoshop asks you, what to do, just click on OK.


When the pattern samples will be changed, click again on drop down menu and select Fibres 2.

Confirm the selection on button OK.


Set the Layer blending to Overlay and Opacity around 80% (check out the pic).


Create a new layer.


Click on Set foreground color.


In a new window set the # value to 6f6e6e and click OK.


Click above on FilterNoise and select Add Noise...

In a new window set up the same values like I did and click on OK.


Create a new layer.


Select Elliptical Marquee Tool.


Create a selection like I did.


Click above on SelectModify and select Feather...

In a new window set up Feather Radius around 25 pixels and click on OK.


Click above on Select and choose Inverse.

After that click on Set foreground color again and set up some grey color.


Press keys Alt Delete to fill up the selected area with selected color.

After that set up the blending to Darken.

Remove the selection with a click on Select and then Deselect.


We are finished.

If you have questions, just post them on a forum ...

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