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Additional desktops in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

You can add multiple desktops to the Mac OS X Mountain Lion by using Mission Control, formerly known as Spaces. Can be really useful if you are a busy multi-tasker.

  Author: mat | Version: 10.8 Mountain Lion | 7th November 2012 |  

First let's launch the Mission Control by opening the Launchpad ..


... and clicking Mission Control.

Three more practical ways to activate the Mission control:

- press the Mission Control button (F3) on your keyboard
- if you are using trackpad on your Mac Book, use the 3-finger swipe up
- activate Hot Corners, if you don't know how click here.



This is now the Mission Control, in the previous versions of Mac OS X, it was called spaces. At the top you can see the Dashboard with widgets and your main desktop.


To add another desktop go to the right side of the screen and a plus side tab should show up. Click it.


And here is your additional dekstop (Desktop 2).

You can add as many as 16 additional desktops to Mac OS X Mountain Lion.


To add an opened app window to your new desktop, simply click and hold it (see picture) ...


... and drag and drop it to the new desktop.


And here it is. To go to the new desktop simply click it.


To switch between the desktops there are a few different ways.

- on the trackpad, use three-finger swipe to the left or right
- on the magic mouse, use two-finger swipe to the left or right
- on the keyboard Ctrl + left/right arrow or Ctrl + the desktop number 1 to 10


If you want an app to always open in a specific desktop, go to that desktop, right click the app, Options and choose This Desktop.

Now every time you will launch that app it will open in the desktop you just set. When you decide you don't want it to open in only a specific desktop then choose the None option.


To remove additional desktops, go to Mission Control, hoover your mouse over the desktop you want to remove and click the remove button (see picture).

The apps that were still open on the desktop you are about to remove are going to move automatically to another available desktop.

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