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Show your current location on a map

You are travelling around the world and you friend just asked you where are you located this moment. You will find out how to do that.

  Author: NikMan | Version: # | 5th November 2012 |  

Open Google maps.


Then find out you location and don't forget to zoom it.

I wanted to show out the Chavan Maharashtra Open University location in India.


Then click on exact location with right mouse click and select What's here?


A pointer will be added to a map and also some additional informations about the place you've just selected.

Then click on icon Link.


A small windows will appear where you select first Short URL and copy it with pressing keys Ctrl + C together.

Then you can paste that link in a chat window, email or social networks.


If you are signed in a Google account you can also send the link immediately within the maps app.

Click on a link Send.


A new window will appear where you write your message and send it via mail.

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