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  Some tourist information about Kuwait, please.
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12th Jun 2018, 8:57 AM

My wife and I are traveling to Kuwait during January and Frebruary this year. We will be staying in the Bneid al Gar area, near the Corniche and the Iranian Embassy. We won't have a car and this might be our only visit to Kuwait for quite some time so I hope you can give me some advice for our trip.
1) What are the places we must see during our trip?
2) Because we won't have a car, could you, if possible, tell us bus routes from Bneid al Gar to the place you recommend? If there is no bus, a rough idea of the cost of a taxi would be greatly appreciated.
3) I have been told that Entertainment City is great and a must place to visit. However, I have been also told that there is no bus service to it. Does anyone know how one can get to it and return from it without a car?

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