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  Concrete Laser Screed suppliers
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15th May 2018, 5:03 AM
Icles ride on concrete laser screed
Product details:
Engine Leveling system
ModelHONGDA GX630/CHANGCHAI V80 electric start Width 2500mm
TypeGasoline engine
diesel enginePaving modePaving auger
Power20HP/3600rpmPower augerHigh torque, hydraulic motor
Fuel tank capacity40LCentrifugal force500N
Lubricant1.5LVibration frequency50HZ
Fuel consumption313g/kwhScreed head typeSwing type
Travel systemScreed plate height330mm
DriveHydraulic motorPaving depth30-200mm
WheelSolid puncture-proof tyreTranslational range500mm
Laser controlforWord backwardHandle control,CVT
ControlMicrocomputer laser scanningSteeringHydraulic control
Control effectPlane slope or dual slop(three-dimensional)Cleaning system
Dimensions and weightPowerHydraulic motor
Dimensions2554*2500*2360mmTheoretical flow20L/min
Weight1080kgRated pressure7Mpa
The Laser screed machine is used in large area concrete construction, such as the modern industrial workshop, the large market, storage, airport, the plaza, and so on. The Laser Screed can satisfy the construction requirements of large area and high planeness and levelness.

Main Features:
1. The Laser Emitter which used to control the ground elevation is independent layout, so as the ground elevation won't produce accumulative error.
2. Laser Emitter, can auto control the flat surface and two-way slope.
3. The forward-seated operation can widen operator vision, reduce the labor intensity and improve working efficiency.
4. Steering, forward and reverse of the machine are all controlled by the integrated handles. Operation buttons and controller which are located on the one side of the seat, is user-friendly.
5. The high-pressure cleaning system, can easily remove the concrete on the machine to insure the normal use and prolong the service life.Concrete Laser Screed suppliers
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