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  Ticks And Fleas Control price
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10th May 2018, 9:41 AM
Ultrasound ticks and fleas repeller Ticks and Fleas Treatment Ultrasound Fleas and Ticks Control

Ultrasound ticks and fleas repeller is very good and effective protection against fleas and ticks for your pets. The device emits a series of ultrasonic pulses which disturb the parasites, forcing them to abandon the animal. Simultaneously it has a preventive effect(prophylaxis),hindering subsequent infestations.
How to activate:
Open the battery door, Insert a new CR2032 lithium battery then close the battery door. press the power switch for 3 seconds then release. Two eyes LED will blink 3 times to indicate switched ON. Two eyes will blink every 6 seconds while working. lithium battery which lasts about 10 months.
Applicable for dogs, cats, and other pets.
Free from odor ,anxiety, No chemicals or pesticides required.
Safe, No-toxic and Pet Friendly
Keep pets calm and comfortable while repelling ticks and fleas.
Coverage: 4 feet
To conserve battery life, please press power switch 3 seconds close. After close the device is not in use.
Press power switch for 3 seconds, then release. The LED will flash three times is OFF.
Warning: do not submerge in water. Do not open .keep out of reach of babies to avoid choke risk. Ticks And Fleas Control price
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