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  Maple Story 2 opens English homepage
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27th Apr 2018, 10:47 AM
After a long wait, Maple Story 2's English-language house page was launched by Nexon America and is expected to start testing this year.

Before, due to the adverse performance in the Chinese and Korean markets, the game's western launch has been in danger.

Concerning the game, Maple Story 2 is a sequel to the famous online game Maple Story premiered in 2003 by NEXON. For this new version, the graphics of the game has been transformed from 2D angle to corner angle. 3D top notch look with characters and animations made in adorable chibi style.

Maple Story 2 will keep players away in the little, brief, mischievous and lovely characters. On the flip side, the game includes high interactive community like climbing, swimming, PvP, cab, travel ...

In the process of playing, gamers can be destroyed environment as you like.

According to the latest info, MS2 will block Asia's IP range, including Vietnam and the region. Hence, the Vietnamese players who wish to learn more about the game with all the English version will surely experience more difficulties than usual. https://www.mmotank.com/Maplestory-2-Mes....
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