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  The Application of the Super K Span Machine
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12th Apr 2018, 8:00 AM
The cable tray has been playing an important role in modern construction, which is the main Super K Span Machine application. However, what are the functions of the cable tray in our daily life. Actually, the cable tray is in every building we can see. If you are in a building, maybe you will see it the moment you look up, but sometimes you ignore its existence. The main function of the cable tray is to support the inner cables of the buildings, and play roles in fireproofing, isolating rats as well as extern damage. In addition, it also contributes to putting in order of all kinds of cables preventing the cables from influencing the beauty of the buildings.The application range of the cable tray manufactured from the cable tray roll forming machine is wide. The cable tray has been widely used in wide construction engineer such as houses we live in, shopping mall, civil architecture as well as buildings in coal mine and power plant. In addition, it is also suitable for the power cable under 40 kv, control cable, lighting wiring as well as the laying of overhead both indoor and outdoor, cable duct as well as cable tunnel.The cable tray is manufactured by the cable tray roll forming machine to meet the requirements of different working conditions. Therefore, the roll forming machine manufacturers are trying their best to develop cable tray roll forming machine with different specifications to satisfy increasing cable tray roll forming machine applications. And in large scale construction, the cable tray is gaining more and more attention. Actually, in order to make the cable tray popular with cable tray roll forming machine applications as many as possible, the roll forming machine manufacturers created cable tray roll forming machine with capacity of manufacturing cable trays with advantages of perfect variety, wide application, large strength, light mix as well as low production cost. And the cable tray is easy to install with flexible wiring and standard installation and stunning appearance.What’s more, the cable tray can also be laid inside of the buildings separately or attached to all kinds of buildings and pipe gallery holders. However, the choosing of the cable tray should be based on the geographical conditions and installment conditions. For example, if the cable tray is used to install on the outdoor buildings, it is possible to choose cable tray with corrosion resistant and humidity resistant functions to protect the cables from being corroded, which is able to prolong the service life of the cable tray and reduce the maintenance times as well. Therefore, the cable tray roll forming machine application in modern society is crucial and necessary.
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