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  How to reduce the wear of ultrafine mill?
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7th Mar 2018, 7:57 AM
Ultrafine grinding mill is inevitable when worn at work. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of [url=http://www.hotquarrycrusher.com/products....ultrafine] mill[/url] , we need to reduce wear. So how do we reduce the wear of ultrafine mill? Let's explain to you here.

1. Increase the contact stiffness

Reduce the ultrafine mill?wear is the most common method used by finishing grinding, grinding, combined with lateral side cut to remove the softening once, decarburized layer, oxide layer, to effectively reduce the surface roughness value, increasing contact parts of the contact stiffness to reduce the abrasion of the ultrafine mill.

2. Uniform feeding

The material is added evenly in the grinding cavity of the ultrafine mill, so that the unilateral overload or the overload wear to the ultrafine mill?machine can be avoided when side charging or stacking.

3. Maintenance

For the lubrication of ultrafine mill in time, the choice of lubricant must meet the needs of ultrafine grinding. Secondly, the timely replacement and repair of damaged parts can be done, which reduces the damage to other parts of ultrafine mill.

4. reasonable operation

In order to reduce the wear of ultrafine mill, the operator should carry out reasonable operation.

Through the above method, the wear of the ultrafine mill is reduced, the production efficiency is improved and the service life of the ultrafine grinding machine is prolonged.
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