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  Home Decor Online: How Mirrors Can Add a Dramatic Effect to Yo
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8th Feb 2018, 7:09 AM
A mirror enhances aroom’s natural light and opens up the size of the space. On top of all this, itis also a decorator’s best friend. Many blogs and websites on modern furniture online have provedthat, when placed in an appropriate location of the space, a mirror or mirrorscan drastically maximize the aesthetic value of a room. Here are some ideasfrom home furnishings online on howand where you can place mirrors at your home tobring about a drastic change inyour environment:§ Roundmirror over the bed headboard:In the world of contemporaryfurniture online, mirrors are the perfect method to cover the big blankspaces above the bed in style. They can easily come to rescue if you do notwant to hang too many paintings or pieces of art in the bedroom. § Woodenframed mirror on a height: Wood creates a very homely and subtle vibe in aspace. Propping a wooden frame mirror on a height with a hanging bend can fillthe room with warmth. This is a type of Louis XV style furniture.§ Twomirrors on opposite walls: Placing two wall-length mirrors on walls facing eachother is a common technique used by professional interior designers to bouncelight around in a room. Mirrors are capable ofproducing various effects in the space of your home. A simple addition of oneor two mirrors, envisioned with a reference from different styles of interior design furniture online, can change the way how spaces look, bigger, better andbrighter. For furtherinformation, visit https://stores.waughinteriordesigns.com/
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