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  Should children use mobile phones?
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5th Feb 2018, 1:17 PM
Recently, I made a survey about children should use a mobile phone, according to the survey, sixty percent of parents think can give children the use of mobile phones, it is very convenient to contact their parents and friends, what an emergency contact to loved ones can also be the first time. 10% of parents said their children use mobile phone doesn't matter, because they came home, every day have a telephone in the home, parents also have a cell phone, they can use at home, at school, there is no need to use. Thirty percent of parents believe their children should not use their mobile phones. Although the mobile phone provides them with great convenience, it also poses a threat to them. And today's Internet network forms, such as all kinds of fraud and pornography, child's self-control is not as strong as we are, they are vulnerable to temptation, especially when they will be addicted to the game, but ignored the study. What do you think about this problem?cell phone jammer can be used to solve the problem of mobile phone use.read more click the link.
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