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  Performance Features of Sand Making Machine
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24th Jan 2018, 10:08 AM
Sand making machine is an indispensable machine of the sand making production line and is a practical and reliable sand making machine. This sand maker machine is especially suitable for making building sand and for the fine crushing and medium crushing of many types of hard and crisp materials such as abrasive material, refractory, cement, silica sand, steel sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate and pitch aggregate. It is a type of highly efficient and energy-saving stone crushing and sand making machine with world-level technology, and it can save 50% energy compared with traditional sand maker.

1. new type of medium and fine crushing machine, and is a machine that can be widely used for replacing cone crusher, roll crusher and ball mill.

2. novel structure and stable operation.

3. low energy consumption, high output and big crushing ratio.

4. small size, simple operation and convenient installation and maintenance.

5. the function of reshaping, and the final products are in the shape of cube and the stacking density is big.

6. In the production process, the stone materials can form a protective layer, so that the machine frame has no abrasion and is durable.

7. The few quick-wear spare parts of VSI impact crusher are made of super-hard wear-resisting materials, so that the machine has small size and light weight and is convenient for spare parts changing.

8. The working noises of VSI impact crusher is lower than 75db and the powder dust pollution is little.

changed: kathryn (24th Jan 2018, 10:08 AM)
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