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  Construction waste crusher promotes sustainable development
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11th Jan 2018, 4:25 AM
With the rapid urbanization process, a large amount of construction waste generated. However, the components of construction waste are composed of waste bricks, concrete, rock, scrap iron, steel bars and electric wires, respectively. These raw materials can be completely recycled after being processed. Therefore, the reasonable treatment of these construction rubbish has become the focus of increasing concern.

The [url=http://www.sbmcrush.com/products/crushin....construction] waste crusher[/url] is mainly used for the material processing which is often needed in the metallurgical, chemical, building materials, hydropower and other relocation operations, especially for the operation of the flowing stone materials such as highways, railways and hydropower projects. Users can select the type of raw materials, And the finished product different requirements using a variety of configuration forms.

Construction waste crusher can be divided into standard, closed-circuit, single unit broken series, two series broken series. Is the rock and construction waste crusher, greatly expanded the ore, rock and construction waste crushing, crushing operations concept areas. Its design philosophy is to stand in the customer's position, remove the broken sites, the environment, and complex logistics to bring customers the problem of crushing operations, as the primary solution.

China's construction waste disposal started relatively late, construction rubbish is imminent. Nowadays urban demolition and rural urbanization generate a large amount of construction solid waste. Due to the landfilling and landfilling of these wastes, land is not only occupied but also affected by temperature, Under the action of moisture, the gas and waste water produced by fermentation and scouring cause serious pollution to groundwater and air.

Construction waste recycling is a systematic project, we should attach great importance to improve the technical level of construction waste treatment. Most of the construction waste can be reused as renewable resources. For example, the waste construction concrete and the waste bricks are crushed once by using a mobile crushing plant. The coarse and coarse aggregate can be used for producing concrete with the corresponding strength level, mortar, Block, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials products.

Coarse aggregate added curing materials, can also be used for road base. Waste brick for burning clay materials, crushed and ground into a powder material, with pozzolanic activity, can be used as a concrete admixture, instead of fly ash, slag powder, stone powder and so on. Mobile crushing plant is a treatment equipment tailored to the construction waste in recent years. It can smash the construction waste and then recycle it into building materials through sand making. It is very environmentally friendly.
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