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  Maintenance Guide for Sand Washing Machine
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2nd Jan 2018, 4:42 AM
Sand washing machine is an important equipment for processing machinery production line in the sand, sand washer machine to clean production line in the sand gravel aggregate containing dirt and other impurities, if not the quality of aggregate sand washing machine we produced as can be imagined will not be too high, sand washing machine is sand stone production line is often used in a sand washing machine.

For the first time, the use of sand washing machine needs to open the ventilator cap of the reducer of the sand washing machine first, so as to ensure that the machine is well ventilated. Before working, we should carefully check whether the height of the lubricating oil surface of the reducer is up to the requirement, so as to ensure that the lubricant can play a protective role.

During the operation of sand washing machine, the machine is damaged because of its long time exposure to the world. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the sand washing machine frequently. It is important to check the temperature of the motor shell and bearing parts of the sand washing machine, whether the noise or vibration of the motor is abnormal.

sand washing machine: http://www.pewjawcrusher.com/product/screening-washing/sand-washing-machine.html

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