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  Difference Between DAZEN Passenger Lift and Fire Elevator
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6th Sep 2017, 8:39 AM
The biggest difference between the two is: the Passenger Lift does not have a fire function, the fire to stop everyone to take the elevator to escape.

Because when it is affected by high temperature, or power outages, or fire burning, will be involved in the elevator people, or even take their lives.

Fire elevators generally have a perfect fire function:

It should be a two-way power supply, that is, if the building operation elevator power supply is suspended, the fire elevator is very active power to meet, can continue to run.

It should have an urgent control function, that is, when the fire upstairs, it can accept the instructions, in time to return to the first floor, and no longer continue to receive passengers, only for fire officers.

It should be reserved at the top of the car a tightly distributed outlet, if the passenger elevator door opening mechanism failure, but also scattered from here to escape.

Fire elevator should be equipped with anterior chamber, the front room should be equipped with fire doors, so that it has a fire and smoke function.

Fire elevator load should not be less than 800 kg, the car's plane scale should not be less than 1 m × 1.5 m, the effect is to transfer large-scale fire appliances and life-saving stretcher.

Fire elevator inside the decoration information, it is necessary to stray the building materials. Fire elevator power and control wire should be adopted waterproof approach, fire elevator door should be equipped with slope waterproofing method.

Fire elevator car should be equipped with a dedicated telephone, in the first floor should also have a dedicated operation button. If the function can be achieved in these areas, then if the building within the fire, fire elevator can be used for fire rescue. If you do not have these conditions, the general elevator can not be used for fire rescue, fire when passengers take the elevator will be life-threatening.

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