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  Laser HF welding is the best way to rivure
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24th Mar 2017, 2:24 AM
The laser may be defined as a light source that emits photons in coherent beams. The laser was first discovered in 1960 and was proposed as a variant of the then "Martha" principle. Laser technology has been greatly improved since that, has been in science, industry, medicine and consumer electronics and other fields have been applied.Laser welding is the best way to rivure, is the preferred method of connection. Because the fuselage structure uses thin gauge alloys, welding allows the manufacture of bonds without significant deformation. It also provides the use of low-heat input to form high-speed bonding, but the method still provides strong welding quality and overall flexibility.Laser welding is widely used in microcomputers such as workplaces, aerospace, medical, automotive, instrumentation and sensors, and electrical / electronics industries. It is often used to package electrical components, such as switches that require protection and sealing.Companies like Boeing and Airbus have been exploring the use of laser welding in aerospace manufacturing over the past decade. Compared with the traditional riveting method, this welding speed is much faster. Using traditional riveting, can be connected to 200 to 400 mm per minute, compared to laser welding can be six meters per minute. When laser riveting is selected, it also eliminates the need to fill the metal between riveted parts and reduces the weight of the aircraft by 5%. Another benefit of this type of welding is that it makes the airplane difficult to corrode.Since it comes to laser welding, it is said that laser welding equipment. Laser welding machine with high degree of automation HF Welding process is simple. Non-contact operation method to achieve clean, environmentally friendly requirements. The use of laser welding machine can improve the efficiency of the workpiece, the appearance of finished products, beautiful, small weld, welding depth, high welding quality. Laser welding machine is widely used in dental denture processing, keyboard welding, silicon steel sheet welding, sensor welding, battery sealing cover welding and so on. But the high cost of laser welding machine, the accuracy of the requirements of the workpiece assembly is also high, in these areas are still limited.MORE:http://www.davison-machinery.com/
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