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  Coups are one thing, but what about a
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11th Nov 2020, 9:25 AM
Some political scientists are arguing that rather than a Newport Cigarettes Shop coup, we should be more concerned that Trump's baseless claims erode faith in democracy. Such moves are often the first step in a longer process towards a future coup — a kind of death spiral for democracy.

In an article in the Washington Post, political scientist Henry Farrell said Trump's baseless claims about voter fraud "corrode American democracy. " In part, Farrell writes, because when Trump's followers and supporters believe his claims, they are saying they don't believe in our democracy. That's borne out by polling: A recent Politico/Morning Consult poll found 70 percent of Republicans say they don't believe the 2020 election Newport box 100s cigarettes was "free and fair, " an alarmingly high percentage. Elie Mystal, who covers the courts, the criminal justice system, and politics, writes that yes Trump is trying to overturn the election, but is not likely to succeed. The main reason is that none of Trump's lawsuits provide evidence of voter fraud.

"Trump's claims that his poll watchers were not allowed to watch the counting of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania is flatly untrue, and his lawyers have had Online Cigarettes Store USA to admit in court that they were allowed in the room, " Mystal writes. "They've been reduced to arguing that their poll watchers were not close enough, which, whatever. The remedy for that is to move them closer, not throw out tens of thousands of votes. "

As Mystal explains, none of Trump's flawed claims would result in the courts throwing away counted votes because that "is not something that courts do. "

In fact, what Mystal argues is that the Trump campaign is going to put America through 70 days of turmoil all in the name of a grift.

"These lawsuits purportedly challenging the election are a huge money-making opportunity for the Trump campaign, " Mystal writes. "If you read the fine print on the new fundraising e-mails Trump's campaign is sending out to supporters, they say that '60 percent of contributions' will go toward retiring campaign debt. ".

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Wednesday, 7th Apr 2021, 10:15 AM
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