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  Regarding the terminology related to electronic scales, if you
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3rd Jun 2020, 7:58 AM
Regarding the terminology related to electronic scales, if you are new to it, then your work will be difficult to progress.(MAX CAP): Maximum weighing, the maximum weight that an electronic scale can weigh without tare weight.(MIN CAP): The minimum weighing capacity. When the load of the electronic scale is lower than this value, an excessive relative error will occur.The minimum weight required by international metrology (level I is not 0, level II is 20d, level III is 10d)(D): Sensing, the smallest weight that can be displayed by an electronic scale.The amount of sense appears with: 1*10K 2*10K 5*10K (that is, the amount of sense appears with 1g or 2g or 5g >10g or 20g or 50g...Analytical degree (resolution): the smallest weight that can be distinguished by an electronic scale with counting function.The degree of analysis is generally to be tried out.Warm-up time: the time it takes for the electronic scale to pass the power supply until it meets the requirements of the corresponding standards.The general warm-up time is 15-20 secondsAutomatic zero tracking: a device and circuit that can continuously and automatically maintain the zero-load electronic scale to maintain the zero display value.Creep: For a certain type of load cell caused by long-term loading, the additional deformation and output change process without the presence of increased load.Zero display range: the range where the electronic scale can exclude certain (automatic) limits and keep the zero display value unchanged.Drift (Zero Drift): Under constant load and stable environment, the weighing characteristics of the meter vary randomly with time.If you have other related questions, you can click here: https://www.electronicscale.net/product/....

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