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  What kind of Logo should have for Affiliate Marketing Store?
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10th Feb 2020, 6:39 AM
There comes a time when there is a need to acquire a logo, but there are no ideas how to make it. You can attract a designer, but you should be prepared for serious expenses.

Where to run and what to do if you spend a significant part of the budget on this task?

In this article I will tell you how to create a logo, as well as the most popular online generators.

Read, try and you will have a wonderful logo for affiliate website https://www.revglue.com/blog-detail/13-s.... in no time.

Why is a logo important to your business?

If you want your business (product) to be memorable and stand out from the competition, it should have a logo. The market has taught consumers to associate a product with a graphic image. It is very difficult to sell a car with the name “Car” and without a characteristic logo of the manufacturer.
DesignBuddy, a well-known resource among designers, has a wonderful analysis of the logos of world famous brands. Here are some key points of the article, which may be useful to study when creating your logo using any online service:

- 95% of the logos of the best world brands contain one or two colors;

- 41% use a stylized and unique font as their logo;

- 93% are very simple and easy to recognize even with a small size.

A few important rules for creating logos
Before you dive into the work on the logo with the help of online generators, I offer you some tips for creating a logo.

1. The logo should be simple

A simple logo is recognizable, versatile and easy to remember. The peculiarity of effective logos is that they have something unexpected and unique, without undue exaggeration.

2. The logo should be memorable

The principle of memorization is closely related to the principle of simplicity. Effective logo design should be memorable, so do not complicate it.

3. The logo should be promising

Its relevance should remain at least in the next few years.

4. The logo must be universal

An effective logo should be suitable for all kinds of applications and applications.

5. The logo should be appropriate.

For example, the logo for a financial company will look strange in frivolous pink colors.

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Logo
Here are some common mistakes that are most often made when creating a logo. Avoid these mistakes when working on a logo in an online generator or digital web design agencies http://www.redleos.com/pk/web-designing-....

1. Do not rely on the development of trends

Trends come and go, and ultimately become a battered topic. A well-made logo should be eternal and this can be achieved only if you do not pay attention to modern tricks and tricks used in the process of logo design.

2. Do not make the logo too complicated

All elements should be clearly visible even if the logo is very small, for example, on a business card.

3. Make sure the logo looks good in black and white.

Often you have to print any documents on a regular black and white printer. If your logo appears on these documents, it should be visible. This is also true when applying a logo on souvenir products, it also comes in different colors.

4. Do not try to copy someone else's logo

Plagiarism is often annoying and repulsive.

5. Do not use a raster in the logo

The logo should be scalable, therefore it is desirable that it be in a vector graphic format.

6. Do not use more than two fonts for the logo

It should be easy to read and understand. When using a large number of fonts, your logo may be “overloaded”
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17th Mar 2020, 12:53 PM
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17th Mar 2020, 1:40 PM
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19th Jun 2020, 10:03 PM
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