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Installing free apps on Nokia N9

I will show you how to find, download and install a free app from the Nokia Store on your Nokia N9.

  Author: NikMan | Version: PR1.3 | 25th September 2012 |  

Swipe to the apps screen and tap Store.


You are now in Nokia Store.

Tap the categories button bellow (see picture)


Now choose the app category.

I want to install a new game so I chose Games.


Choose a type of a game you want to install.


With the Top free selected, swipe down to see all the top free available games and then choose one.

More stars usually means a better app.


Tap Download.

But be aware, if you don't have an appropriate data plan download the apps when connected to a wireless network, otherwise it could cost you quite a bit.


If needed tap Accept to proceed with installation.


Wait for the app to download and to finish installing.

It all depends on how big the game is and how fast or slow your Internet connection is.


If the app is successfully installed on your N9 you should get an Installed status, if not, try once more.

Now you can go directly to the app you just download by tapping the Launch button. If you want to learn how to search for free apps then go to the next step.


Tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen (see picture)


Enter keywords of the app you want to find in the Nokia Store.

I'm searching for a weather app so I entered weather into the search field.


Tap Search.


Browse through the apps and if you find a what you were looking for, tap it and install it the same way we did the first one.


All the apps you install via Nokia Market show up at the bottom of the applications screen of your Nokia N9.

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Mukarachi, 26th Sep 2012, 5:38 AM
I wonder if there is enough apps and games for common people on N9. I personally hate Apple and Android store, because they are overloaded with bunch of bull**it.
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mat, 26th Sep 2012, 12:24 PM
There sure is enough apps for the regular phone user. Cool thing about N9 is it already comes with great apps for everyday use out of the box, like Nokia Drive which is a turn-by-turn navigation you can use offline, integrated Facebook and Twitter app, awesome games like Need For Speed and Angry Birds just to name a few.
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hidayatsaydi, 1st Dec 2013, 6:23 PM
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